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Copyright and Conditions of Use

All the material in The Oddville Press is copyright and thus owned by someone, usually the author or artist. This means the owner of the rights and The Oddville Press have an agreement in place. For you, the user, this means you can download material and store it digitally for private use only or print paper copies for private use only, but that is all. No other rights are granted. You cannot edit material in any way, print it out for sale or sell digital copies. Nor can you put it on a website or charge others to visit our site.

There is no need to spell out legal rules in full, as it is quite simple and logical: using any of this material beyond the terms stated above is the same as theft, and that usually means the law, in some form, will be all over you. Also remember that abuse of sites like The Oddville Press will lead to repercussions which will only be to everybody's loss. Respect the author and artist. Respect the © sign.

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Submission Guidelines

The Oddville Press is an online non-profit magazine distributed as a free PDF download. We are dedicated to sharing high-quality fiction, poetry and artwork with the largest possible audience. Our mission is to promote today’s geniuses and tomorrow’s giants.

Because our editorial staff works pro bono, we like to keep them sane and happy. You can help us with that by adhering to the guidelines outlined below.

First and foremost, we would most strongly urge you to read some back issues of The Oddville Press. Don’t worry, they’re free. (Download the whole set!). Why?

Good manners—you want us to publish you, but you haven’t ever read us?

Common sense—don’t waste your time or ours by submitting work that isn’t suitable.

Second, The Oddville Press will consider material submitted by any writer or artist, established or not. Submissions must be original, well written (where applicable), creative, and compelling. Serious, thoughtful, yet accessible high-quality fiction, poetry and artwork will constitute the majority of our acceptances, and of course humor is most welcome.

Now that you’ve made it this far, let’s look at the not-so-fine print:

For literary submissions:

For photographs:

While we strive to give everyone a response within three weeks (usually much less), sometimes we get a little backed up. Please wait six weeks before querying us.

If your work is accepted, The Oddville Press reserves the right to edit submissions to meet publication and editorial standards or request that you do so. You will be sent the edited version to review before publication.

And to keep the legal folks happy, you agree to indemnify and hold The Oddville Press, its parents and affiliated forums, and their successors, representatives, officers, directors, owners and all staff, harmless from any damages, costs or expenses of any nature related to any claim, action or proceeding arising from the above guidelines and/or your representations or warranties hereunder, whether express or implied.

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